Laptop, Mac & Phone Battery Replacement London

Battery Replacement services for Mac, Windows and Android devices by Solid Rock IT UK. If your system battery cells fail to keep charge, takes too long to reach full charging capacity or no longer respond when connected to the charger then chances are, you may benefit from our battery replacement service.

We offer full battery replacement services for smart phones, laptops and tablets across models and brands, which means your dead or faulty device should operate efficiently again after the service.

Battery Replacement - Windows / Mac / Android Devices

Here is a breakdown of the battery replacement services we currently have on offer:

  • Windows Laptops/Notebooks
  • iPhone Battery (iPhone 4/5/6)
  • Amazon Kindle Devices
  • iPad Battery Replacement Service
  • Samsung Galaxy Battery Replacement
  • Apple Mac Battery Replacement

Our Computer Services Expertise Cover ALL Laptop & Notebook Models / Brands, including:

Acer laptop repair, Dell laptop repairs, Toshiba laptop repairs, Lenovo laptop repairs, Alienware laptop repairs, Sony VAIO laptop repairs, Panasonic laptop repairs, Gateway laptop repairs, Patriot laptop repairs, Compaq laptop repairs, Fujitsu Siemens laptop repairs, eMachines laptop repairs, Chromebook RepairsAsus laptop repairs, Packard Bell laptop repairs, HP Pavilion laptop repairs, NEC laptop repairs, Advent laptop repairs, Ei Systems laptop name a few.

Get professional battery replacement services for your phone, tablet or laptop devices today. Simply call us now on 07951 878 703. Alternatively,

Faulty battery life fix