cyber security solutions - 2020 and beyondEach year ushers in new cyber security threats and technology challenges. Old IT security practices are no longer reliable for protecting businesses against malicious attacks and system compromise. Hackers are looking at every available options to discredit your brand and make their mark, whether it be via easy targets or sophisticated business system compromise.

Businesses of all sizes are prone to cyber attacks and securtity threats are increasing at an alarming rate. In the first half of 2019 alone, there were atleast 4.1 billion business data records exposed with mobiles and IoT devices now becoming active targets for attacks. 

Statistics shows that some companies don't have any or an up-to-date or active cybersecurity strategy-or in place. That can be a major problem, given that the cost of a single cyber attack can be high enough to put an organisation out of business for good.

With more businesses making use of internet conectivity services daily, there are already indications that cyber security compromise trend will continue to increase year-on-year. So, how do you protect your business against cyber security attacks in 2020?

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Windows 7 Reaches End Of Life

Windows 7 reached its End Of Life (EOL) Support on 14th of January 2020 and after that date, Microsoft will no longer release security updates and system patches. What can you do to  avoid Winodws 7 end of life support implications and is your system compatible with the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system?

There are numerous systems in corporate and residential environment still running the nine-year-old system wchich could expose users to security threats.

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business it support outsourcing solutions

  • Why assign work to an IT Support comany when you already know what will be good for your business?
  • Why delegate the work to outsourced IT professionals if you can do much better using internal IT staff?
  • You know what is best for your business, and you don’t need another IT company to deal with things that you can handle by yourself, or better yet, with the help of in-house IT Support personnels.

The fundamental truth is, every business (big and small) needs IT help in one way or another and necessessity sometimes  calls for the utilisation of external technology partners and skillsets that enable you to achieve high quality outcomes within short timescales!

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