Why Cyber Security Audits Are Important for Your Business

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There are numerous businesses with cyber security solutions that are no longer relevant for the current technology season. This lapse in security control presents cyber criminals with unique opportunities to successfuly craft and attack an organisation's systems and data without restrictions. There has been a massive surge of global cyber-attacks ushered in by the latest virus pandemic, with cyber incidents recording five-fold increase in some cases.

So why is cyber security solutions implemented years ago may not be useful now, and should regular cyber security audits become common practice for businesses of all size?

Let us take a close look at 5 reasons why regular cyber security audits should become part of your IT strategy and business operation best practices.

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Remote IT Support – Your Strategic Business Benefits

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Many people who have never worked outside their office are seasoned professional at remote home working. With such a sudden and unexpected transition, you like many others may have lost quality access to IT support coverage that was once readily available to your fingertips.

Remote IT Support is the new normal for many home working professionals who no longer have their traditional office presence. If you are new to the concept of Remote IT Support, this is the time to become familiar with the concept. For those who are already in-tune, maybe now is the time to have a look at the benefits of investing in remote IT support that can help you leverage competitive advantage and business continuity during these uncertain times. So, without delaying further, why should you invest in remote IT support?

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What is 5G and How Will it Impact Wireless Connectivity in 2020 and Beyond?

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5G is set to usher in the next generation of wireless network platfrom for mobile communication and with it comes multiple benefits and speculations around signal quality and data reliability. According to online sources, 5G promises faster download speed, reduced latency and better connectivity between devices. 

Although still in its infancy, 5G technology is gradually gaining firm footing across many regions within the United Kingdom and the rest of the world. 

It is expected that wider deployment of 5G will occur in 2020 and beyond, to satify global reach and growing demands for data consumption in an era where technology innovations are ripe and opportunities to explore solution options present themselves abundantly. Some analysts are blunt in their belief that there will be highly aggressive adoption of 5G wireless technology in 2020 alone. 

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Why Have a Disaster Recovery Plan For Your Business?

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With data loss, cyber security attacks and now coronavirus infection increasing on a daily basis, many small and medium sized businesses are yet to implement disaster recovery measures to protect themselves against unexpected threats that could cripple an organisation's operations. Infact, very few companies have formal plans in place for restoring system functionality and ensuring business continuity with the least possible downtime.

Having systems that can become vulnerable to generic failures, looming threats and malicious attacks is one of the key reasons why a disaster recovery (DR) plan is essential in this new technology driven era and why your business cannot be lagging behind.

In some cases when disaster strikes - in whatever shape or form - there are no second chances and regardless of all the hard efforts put in to build a successful brand, your business could go under quickly.

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How to Prevent Cyber Security Threats Affecting Your Business in 2020

cyber security solutions - 2020 and beyondEach year ushers in new cyber security threats and technology challenges. Old IT security practices are no longer viable for protecting businesses against malicious attacks and system compromise. 

Cyber crime knows no boundaries and everyday, hackers are looking for every available option to discredit brands and make their mark, whether it be via easy targets or sophisticated business system compromise.

Businesses of all sizes are prone to cyber attacks and securtity threats are increasing at an alarming rate and in the first half of 2019 alone, there were atleast 4.1 billion business data records exposed.

With mobiles phones and IoT devices becoming lucrative targets for security attacks, it is important to know how best to prevent cyber security threats affecting your business in 2020 and beyond.

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