Live Streaming Solution and Support Services

In these challenging times, live streaming solutions for churches and business is an effective strategy for ensuring that services can continue to be delivered to your intended audience easily. Whether you are looking to leverage live video broadcasting services via Zoom, your website or social media platforms, the help you need to get ahead is here at last.

Having the correct camera, streaming software, multimedia equipment setup and high quality audio feed signal can make a huge difference for online services or live event streaming outcomes.

With so many live production options to choose from, it can be a daunting exercise to navigate through the sea of technology jargons in an effort to define a solutions that work for your immediate and long term online video broadcasting needs.


Online Video Broadcasting Services Consultancy

Solid Rock IT UK can help you reach your online audience at their location with professional live streaming solutions for positive impact.

We have the technical expertise to help you scope, plan, design, implement and manage online streaming setup for places of worship and business events. 

Our webcasting and live streaming solutions are available for churches and business in the UK and across the globe. We can help you to simplify your live streaming audio visual requirements for single camera or multi-switching camera online streaming services.


What Are Your Live Video Streaming Requirements? 

If you are actively considering live video production or online streaming for your business or church services and not sure where to start, simply get in touch to discuss your requirements today.

Alternatively, give us a call now on 07951 878 703 and we'll be happy to help move your streaming solution in the right direction.

Solutions For Your IT Consultancy Needs

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Live Streaming Solution Consultancy London


Video Camera Kit

Based on your live streaming requirements,  we can work with you to determine the best camera kits and recording angles for maximum impact.


Audio Mixing Strategy

Our expertise can help you benefit from the best live video streaming and audio feed quality for optimimal live production needs and visitor engagement.


Vision Mixer Solutions

Depending oin the number and type of video cameras in use, having a vision mizer can help to amplify the impact of your live production. We can help you get there.


Live Stream Workflow

We can assess your website and social media platforms and work with you to determine the best strategies for live streaming to engage your target audience.


Live Footage Recording

Live streaming solution often require video footage and audio feed to be captured for post production editing. Our expertise can help you with design and implementation.


Technical Support

Live streaming troubleshooting and diagnosis via remote IT support for your technical issues. Get quick help for application and hardware challenges across Zoom, Twitch, OBS and other streaming platforms.