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  1. Are you rubbish with computers, Apple Mac, gadgets or software applications?
  2. Do you think that you should know more about your Mac, computer or specific software?
  3. Does the thought of joining a beginner computer training class fill you with fear and resentment?

If any of the above scenarios sounds like you then don't worry as the one-to-one onsite and remote computer training help you need is here at last!

At Solid Rock IT UK, we are really good with Apple Macs, Winodws computers networking, websites and applications – that’s what we do each day!

We’re not techie or geeky, so by speaking the same language we can help you learn basic computer skills from the comfort of your own office or home in London, via online computer training support or onsite tutor visits.


Down to Earth Computer Training London - When You Need it

You can consider us as your IT Tutors and we can deliver online training sessions with you over the internet, or send one of our expert team of tutors to help you learn how to get around your computer,  Apple Mac, software programs or network setup independently - and it is as simple as that.

In just 2 hours, your tutor will assess your needs onsite or remotely and coach you through the basic operations of your particular computer or technology needs at your own speed, leaving you happy and confident to ask any silly questions you may otherwise feel akward to utter.

So don’t put it off any longer, there’s nothing to be afraid of and much to gain. Our IT technology tutors are flexible, experienced and patient and we can help learners of any age or ability – and we promise not to make fun (well... maybe once or twice!).

Here are some of the more frequently requested computer training courses and Mac tuition we successfully delivered to date:

  • Absolute computer beginners tutor lessons
  • Using Apple Mac and Microsoft Windows software - instructor led sessions
  • Email & internet skills - dedicated IT training
  • Mac and Windows 3rd-party applications tips and howto
  • Using Apple Mac - personal tuition (one-to-one training sessions)
  • Working with tablets, Windows computer, Apple Mac or other devices, printers and other devices
  • Organising folders, documents, files...etc
  • Basic computer care and security awareness training - stay abreast of cyber crimes
  • Website development, maintenance and ecommerce site solutions for selling online
  • Online Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) fundamentals

IT Training London - Solid Rock Technology Tuitions Just For You

We know everyone doesn't learn at same pace or have the patience to truly understand rambling computing concepts for themselves. For many, the thought of using certain applications or undertaking non-standard computer activities creates natural mental blocks. This is where our dedicated PC & Mac tuitions can be useful for removing technical barriers, the fear of resentment and at the same time, easily increase your IT competency.

We’ll let you in on a little secret – we are not very good at some things too – like making tea, so please put the kettle on. Solid Rock PC-Mac Tutors work much better when drinking lots of tea - even when working remotely.


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