Sometimes new or existing computer system specifications does not meet the minimum requirements for selective videos, software programs or games.

At Solid Rock IT UK, we offer professional computer upgrade that boost system performance and enhance user experiences. Benefit from computer upgrade for desktop PC, Apple Mac or Windows laptop.

We can upgrade and configure your computers, laptops and Apple Macs for increased speed, or higher hard drive capacity to store more data and work easier, especially with demanding applications.

It may not always be possible to know exactly what hardware or software resources are required for best system performance and our technical computer expertise is readily available to help make this process simpler. We can recommend a range of upgrade options so you can do more with your existing computer and in most cases, spend less.


Computer & Mac Upgrade for Businesses and Homes

  • Graphics card upgrade for computers and Apple Mac
  • RAM memory upgrade for PC and Macs
  • Hard drive replacement (including transfer of data and system settings)
  • Software installation and updates for your laptop, desktop PC or Mac
  • PC health check: system optimisation, internal dust buster and virus check
  • Power supply upgrade: enable connection of additional devices without problems
  • Operating system upgrade for computers, Mac and laptops

If you need professional computer system upgrade for your home of business system, simply call us now on 07951 878 703. Alternatively, get in touch by clicking on the button below.

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