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I had an unexpected software issue on my computer and was in need of remote IT support near me when I came across professional online computer repair company. Not only did they help with my immediate IT problems while working from home during this lockdown, I had them clean up system to make it operate faster.

I'm also very happy that I got through to them on the first call because with so many things happening around us, it's really hard to know who to trust during this difficult time.

They have proven to be responsive and certainly one of the best remote IT support companies I came across for a long time - very happy customer now my computer problem are solved.

I highly recommend Solid Rock IT UK to anyone who's working from home and need a professional outfit who care about helping their customer and understand what they are doing.

Louise - Hertfordshire

Excellent Whole Home WIFI System That Works

We have a large property and would oftentimes, suffer from poor wireless signal strength and frequent drop-offs during use. We contacted Solid Rock IT UK with our challenges and requested their help to make our WIFI better throughout our entire home. Their approach to making our WIFI solution work was very logical and they truly understand how to identify and implement a workable whole home wireless network solution that cater for our unique needs. 

In the end, we are now very happy, have WIFI coverage everywhere and can use our devices and services without consideration for signal loss or patchy coverage.

Thanks again Solid Rock IT and hope you are available to help us again when we need your IT services.

Alexander - Chelsea

Business IT Support Near Me

We needed urgent IT services for our business and found Solid Rock IT UK, they responded to our concerns on the same day and resolved all technical issues. Now our systems are working properly and we were able to avert what could've been a totally unexpected disaster.

Thanks to Solid Rock IT for the amazing IT Support and professional engineers who got our business system up and running very quickly.

Clare - London

Wonderful Business IT Support

Solid Rock IT UK has been providing our company with IT Support for over 2 years now and the services they deliver are truly remarkable. They have a very positive atiitude,  excellent technical skills and now essentially part of our team for strategic guidance and resolving IT problems we have. We highly recommend Solid Rock IT to any business who need reputable IT Support. Thanks for the wonderful services Solid, and keep up the good work.

Elisabeth - London

Amazing Home Technology Solution Design

We were renovating our home and needed independent expertise to ensure our technology was designed correctly and implemented as per our requirements. We contacted Solid Rock IT to conduct an onsite survey and design our WIFI and Home AV solution. In the end, we also incorporated home CCTV as it became apparent that this could be done while the property was in its bare bone state.

Feedback from the assessment was excellent and we were able to instruct our electrician to implement some future-proof smart home technolgy whilst working under guidance from Solid Rock IT. These guys really do understand technologies and how to integrate systems for best user experience. Now, my home is like a "spaceship that's ready to fly", yet simple and powerful! Truly amazing team and wonderful to work with - I can't thank them enough...

Stuart - Putney

Excellent Data Recovery - I'm Very Please!!!

After trying several other companies, all of whom were either unable to recover my data, or were simply way too expensive, I stumbled upon Solid Rock. From the initial call through to completion of the service, Mark was the personification of professional. He took me through my recovery options - without using that disempowering jargon - and very quickly arranged an appointment for the same evening. Mark worked with dedication and focus, above and beyond what I was actually expecting; he did not stop unit he had recovered the requested data.

I can honestly say, that I do don't think I have ever been happier paying for anything than I was paying for this service. An amazing service and I am extremely pleased with it. I have to add, that even if Mark was unable to recover the data, because of the level of professionalism, care and concern displayed from beginning to end, I would still have been pleased. I would wholeheartedly and unreservedly recommend Solid Rock IT to anyone.

Steven - Croydon

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