Wireless Site Survey Consultancy

Are looking to install wireless network within your home, in the process of renovation or moving to a new office that require seamless wireless connectivity? Wireless connectivity and signal strength has been a long standing problem for many businesses and home systems, either because it is not properly understood of there were no due diligence taken to ensure the solution was installed properly from the outset. Having a wireless site survey carried out at your premises may be the answer to many tedious problems.


Why Invest in Wi-Fi Site Survey?

  • Wireless signal is primarily radio waves which has the ability to spread, be distorted or come up against signal barriers that serve as obstructions. Most homes and offices are designed differently and wireless signal coverage will not be a one size fit all. Therefore, to ensure your solution effectively, we recommend that our clients hit the ground running with a wireless audit that can identify shortcomings, resources for the proposed solution and highlight implementation risks.
  • Wifi survey is not for every environment, but large homes and offices tend to benefit from this service, especially when user's devices connecting to the network is on the rise, or surrounding wifi interference is likely to hamper your wireless connectivity and RF signal throughput.
  • Without conducting a wireless site survey, its easy to do guess work and randomly place access points in locations that probably doesn't ad value to your network solution. In the long run, these implementations can become more expensive to redesign or resolve.


Wireless Site Audit for Businesses & Homes

At Solid Rock IT UK, our Wi-Fi survey consultancy is offered to residential clients and businesses across London and home counties. We have the tools and expertise to scope your environment and determine feasibility for wireless network resources provide you the solution you WIFI solution you seek.

 If you are ready to have professional wireless site survey consultancy for your home or business, we would love to hear from you. To get started, simply give us a call on 07951 878 703 today.


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