Diagnosing broadband performance issues and internet faults can waste your time, especially when the problem seems simple, yet hard to find. Surveys shows that most broadband faults experienced by users are normally linked to minor hardware problems, or issues with their ADSL / cable routers and to a lesser extent, software firewalls. Internet connectivity problems can occur for wireless and hardwired ethernet cable network.

That said, time wasted trying to identify broadband technical faults could be better used for undertaking more important activities, and that is where Solid Rock IT UK is available to help. We offer professional broadband internet support and problem resolution consultancy.


We Resolve Broadband Internet Faults

We can identify and resolve most broadband internet faults, provided the issue is internal to your home or office environment and not related your Internet Service Provider (ISP) incoming broadband feed to the property. Sometimes, arranginging call out with your ISP broadband engineer may cost you a fortune for simple problems complemented by long wait times.

If you have problems with broadband internet connectivity and unable to access the web, call us today on 07951 878 703 to get your broadband issues sorted and internet services up and running.

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