PC & Apple Mac Memory (RAM) Upgrade Services

Is your computer, laptop or Apple Mac operating slow when numerous programs are opened or giving a slow-motion display effect when you minimize apps?

If your answer is yes to the above, then it is likely that you can benefit from having a computer memory upgrade for increased system performance. We we can help you identify and upgrade your desktop  or laptop computer memory capacity, especially if you were planning to throw it own and get a new system.

Windows PC and Mac Memory Upgrade

Memory Upgrade for Windows PC, Laptops & Apple Mac Computers

At Solid Rock IT UK, we offer computer memory upgrade services for Apple Mac and Windows based systems / laptop devices.

Memory upgrade is often necessary for computers experiencing slow performance and when:

  • Using multiple programs at the same time
  • Systems that gradually slows down on start-up or over time
  • The internal hard drive is taking up lots of space. 

In most cases, slow computer performance may not always be due to hard drive or operating system issues but instead, the lack of sufficient logic board RAM in your Mac or limited Windows motherboard memory.


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Why Upgrade Your PC or Mac Computer Memory?

Having a computer memory upgrade can boost your Apple Mac or Windows system performance so that data is processed more quickly and boost your productivity.

When it is necessary to handle large file sizes or execute complicated computing operations, memory upgrade may be the quick-win option to keep using your existing device and boost system performance. 


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Mac and Windows computer memory upgrade service

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