Wireless Network Installation London

Do you have strong internet signal at the router but problems with unlimited wireless internet coverage throughout the rest of your home? Are you interested in installing WIFI devices for home that reduce dead spots and boost coverage? 

If you were able to answer yes to any of the above, then you are at the right place for professional wireless networking solutions. Boost your WIFI coverage with the best unlimited wireless network installation services in London, with services  for homes & businesses so you can take back control and operate devices efficiently.

It's possible to benefit from fixed wireless internet solutions that delivers strong WIFI signal and seamless connectivity throughout your entire office or home environment. With whole home and garden WiFi coverage solutions now in steep demand for remote working office setup, you too can get an expert WIFI network near me solution up and running quickly.


Give Your Wireless Network a Speed Boost with the Best WIFI Company

At Solid Rock IT UK, we are a specialist WIFI network installation company in London for, wireless configuration and management. We offer wireless network technology solutions that delivers full home and business WLAN coverage within your London home.

Our wireless network experts can diagnose and resolve both technically challenging or simple WIFI signal coverage issues and where necessary, we can design WIFI solutions to work across operating systems.

This means you now have professional help with engineers who are readuly to help you handle all the complexities for you. Best of all, you can benefit from ffull WIFI coverage, network security and guest login capabilities that simplify internet access within your home or business.


Take The WIFI Challenge and Dominate Fixed Wireless Internet Speeds

Most London homes already have a broadband package with unlimited wireless internet from their service provider, yet struggle to get decent signal everywhere. Others have taken things further by installing fixed wireless internet devices to address obvious dead spots. Having an uncapped WIFI deal but poor network infrastructure doesn't solve the underlying problem.

Relying on range extenders and WIFI boosters to establish the best WIFI hotpots signals may not work where there are thick walls, steel beams and reflective surfaces that act as disrupters for WIFI availability throughout your property.

We've also seen customers with high speed internet for rural areas struggling due to the lack of expertise that a specialist network support London company like us can brng to the table for increased success. 

The trouble is, a non-optimized WLAN network can result in patchy performance due to frequent drops-out or intermittent internet signals, and before you know it, ultimate user frustrations sets in.


Reliable WIFI Solutions for Unlimited Wireless Internet at Your Fingertips

Regardless of your broadband WiFi coverage preference, we can design a functional wireless network solution that solve internet signal limitations and failure points, then configure the installation to make home or office WIFI available at your fingertips.

As your local Wifi installation company in London, we've helped numerous residential and business internet customers struggling with WIFI access in London achieve good network coverage in areas where the best WIFI network devices and high-speed broadband speed previously failed.


Network Installers in London for Home & Garden Office WIFI

Increase your WIFI download speed with robust whole home and business wireless network installations. Let us help you boost or extend your wireless network with whole home and garden WiFi coverage solutions that makes solid rock sense. To get started, simply get in touch now on 07951878703.

whole home business wifi connectivity

WIFI Connectivity Everywhere

It doesn't take much for you to get started with wireless network insternet solution and our engineers are available to help with wireless survey consultancy and London WIFI network installation services. This includes:

  • BT WiFi extension for homes or businesses to address weak WiFi signals and poor internet speed.
  • Virgin Media WIFI device for home network setup and performance boost.
  • Talk Talk WIFI network near me dead spot resolution.
  • Sky WiFi connectivity services to boost or extend your wireless network .
  • Hyperoptic fixed wireless internet network for weak WiFi signals in your home.
  • Best WIFI hotspots for full coverage, better download speed and whole home connectivity.

Contact one of London's best WIFI internet provider near me to setup unlimited wireless internet solution for your home or business today. Call us now on 07951 878 703. Alternatively,


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Wireless Network Specialists Services London


WIFI System Design

High speed wireless internet network for rural areas and London properties, with solutioned design for reduced bottlenecks and signal deadspots. Let's help you get the best WIFI near me network infrastructure in place.


WIFI Network Upgrade

We can monitor your network environment and perform upgrades that help you benefit from the best WIFI speed and system performance. Leave the technicalities to us and enjoy unlimited wireless internet.


WIFI Troubleshooting

Our engineers are experts at wireless network diagnostic and troubleshooting. We identify faults affecting WIFI devices for home and business customers and put solutions in place for unlimited wireless at your fingertips.


WIFI Consultancy

Unsure what your unlimited wireless internet infrastructure or performance should look like? Our Wi-Fi specialists can help you with with hardware, broadband and network infrastructure requirements, just get in touch.


Network Maintenance

Having a fixed wireless network that doesn't keep falling apart can boost productivity. Get in touch for the best wireless network provider near me services for homes and business customers. 


Guest WIFI Solutions

Give your guest and customers the best WIFI hotspots experience built on secure network infrastructure that doesn't increase your monthly WIFI cost or expose your digital footprint.

Wireless Network Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a series of Wireless Network Support FAQs to help our customers understand how the WIFI technology and our service engagement process work. To get help with your immediate query, simply get in touch with us to find out more.

Choosing an ideal location for your router is a good start fro basic WIFI improvement as this enable devices that are near to easily connect to it.

Installing Wi-Fi boosters can also help for smaller dwellings where wireless improvement just need a basic repeater like powerline adapters to be install signal for better signal coverage. For larger setup or specialist wireless network installation, our team of expert WIFI engineers can conduct a WIFI site survey, design your network solution and complete the installation for you.

Yes, we can help you with wireless network diagnostics and WIFI survey requiremements. Our network engineers can troubleshoot WIFI hardware and internet connectivitty challenges for homes and businesses. There is a one-hour minimum fee applicable for all technology consultation and wireless network support services.

Depending on your WIFI installation needs, choosing the best internet service provider is normally the starting point for broadband internet. Most internet service providers will supply your router, which comes with WIFI  for homes.

Some homes may need additional wifi devices installed to distribute internet coverage seamlessly throughout the property at high speed. That's where Solid Rock IT UK wireless network installation services comes in. To learn more, simply get in touch and let us know about your WIFI network needs today.

You can create your own Wi-Fi network using an existing router to get unlimited wireless internet on your computer or mobile devices. Using wireless boosters or specialist access points can work too. For specialist wireless WIFI network setup, having an expert WIFI installer can simply your setup and make your network speed faster in multiple areas throughout your home. 

Here at Solid Rock IT UK, we offer expert wireless network installation for homes and business users looking for a professional WIFI solution that deliver fast internet connectivity. Get in touch today to discuss your unique requirements.


Network Design

We design network infrastructure so computers, switches, routers and other network hardware connect and operate at high internal data speed.



Cabling & WIFI

Most business and home network infrastructure will have hard wire cabling and WIFI access points. We install and provide ongoing IT support for your networks.

Computer Repair

Let us repair your computer and laptop devices and boost productivity. Our computer repair services fix hardware faults and solve software issues.



Mac Support

We can repair your Mac and our IT services covers Apple hardware and software issues, with onsite and remote support available when you need it most.