Hard Drive Upgrade London

Is your laptop, Apple Mac or desktop computer hard drive performing slow or running out of storage space?

You are probably aware that it is possible to upgrade desktop computer's hard drive to larger capacities, but not aware that it is possible to physically upgrade the hard drive in laptops, Apple Macs or notebook devices. Many laptop and Apple Mac have an internal storage drive that can be replaced or upgraded.

At Solid Rock IT UK, we can assess your Mac or laptop hard drive upgrade capability and help you choose the best storage options for full hard drive upgrade services in London. Our hard drive upgrade service is available for Apple Mac and Windows based laptops, computers and notebooks models which can be upgraded - although this may not be possible for all personal computers.


Hard Drive Replacement Service in London

If the existing hard drive in your laptop, notebook or Apple Mac is running out of space, then it won't be that long before you need to make that really important decision about your data storage strategy. You can either:

  • Backup existing data onto an external storage media - such as a USB drive, external hard drive or network drive (NAS).
  • Delete unwanted files based on your usage pattern - or long / short term storage needs.
  • Invest in a larger capacity internal hard drive -  install higher capacity hard drive in your laptop, notebook or Macintosh computer.


Solid State Drive Upgrade London - PCs, Apple Mac and Laptops

Upgrading laptop, notebook or Apple Mac hard drive is a feasible long term option for repairing your computer in London, as you are better able to manage data and store more information locally on the same internal storage media, with quick access to data while on the move. Solid Rock IT UK can help you determine the most appropriate replacement hard drive or solid state storage media for your laptop, notebook or Apple Mac.

Most modern computers and laptops support SATA mechanical hard drive or Solid State Drives (SSD) for improved speed and higher storage capacity. Our experienced technical support engineers only use high quality hardware for your hard drive replacement service. 

We have been doing hard drive upgrade for businesses and home users for many years and always aim to perform your system upgrade in a safe manner to prevent data loss or system corruption when migrating data from the old hard drive to your new storage media.

When you need professional hard drive replacement or solid state drive (SSD) upgrade services for notebook, Apple Mac or laptop in London, simply call us now on 07951 878 703.

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