Best Practices for Improving Home Network Security

 cyber security resilliences

The advent of pandemic changed most people way of work and for many, this has become the new-normal. Businesses had to adapt to the concept of remote working very quickly now and staff had to become more self-reliant in their use of technologies and the importance of home network security.

Given the unexpected changes it information technology brought about by the pandemic, has seen workers become fully acquainted with managing multiple devices within their home network infrastructure, such as checking internet speed and bandwidth, addressing internet connectivity issues and ensure they are able to work productively every day. With all of that said, what are some best practices for improving home network security?

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How Do You Recover Permanently Deleted Files?

data recovery services for faulty hard drive and corrupted storage media

It is likely that we will all at some point accidentally delete files and data during the course of our lives. If this happen to you for the first time, the experience can be seriously daunting and the anguish incomparable, but for those users who are seasoned – “oops, I’m gonna delete your files” decision – or unexpected error situation, the anxiety is less impacting.

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The Effects of Data Loss on Business Longevity

business continuity disaster recovery strategy

Data loss can be a major stigma for inconvenience, as it disrupts business function and personal productivity. When important files and documents are lost, your business will likely dedicate serious resource, effort and time to recreate or recover this data. Leveraging small business IT support in London can be an effective strategy for implementing data loss prevention solutions before things spiral out of control and impact business productivity and daily operations.

Data loss caused by storage media corruption, cyber attacks or virus infection can present serious problems to your business and may even affect the degree of customer trust for your brand. The extent of data loss can sometimes be difficult to determine and for many companies, this ultimately ends in detrimental longevity consequences, due high legal costs and unforeseen operational downtime.

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Are Apple Mac Computers Immune to Virus Infection and Cyber Attacks?

Mac Virus Removal cyber security solutionsIt is well known globally that Windows computers can get viruses and this applies to all models and brands, the growing threats from cyber security attack is real, whether they be laptop desktop or notebooks or netbooks. Practically all desktop PC and laptop computers are prone to virus attacks if they run Microsoft Windows operating system.

Virus infection on computers can bring about data loss, but this is just one of the many drawbacks that can happen to an infected machine.

There are cases when computers start to exhibit very slow performance and irritating popups.

Statistics also shows that some computers with virus infection could also lead to unexpected financial losses for the owner / user if left unchecked. 

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