BT Mail Issues Affecting Apple Mac Computers

email support londonBT Mail accounts are very popular amongst business and residential users across the UK. There has been reports of increasing problems with login for BT email account on Apple computer devices.

Some users have more than one email account and it can be very frustrating when the default Apple Mail application refuse to accept a fully functional BT email login credentials - including username, password or a combination of both.

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What is Ransomware and how can I stop it?

business continuity strategy disaster recovery

Data is becoming more valuable for daily business productivity and personal needs when considering residential computer users.

This trend is being aggressively leveraged as an exchange currency by cyber criminals who understands the consequences and reputational damages of data loss and the emotional reactions by those who would do anything to get lost information back.

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Do Apple Mac Computers Get Viruses?

How do you know if your Mac is infected with a virus?

Virus on a Mac is not always detrimental, but yes, Apple computers can be infected with spyware and malicious exploits.

Bearing this in mind, it is therefore important that you check for viruses on your Mac regularly.

It is well known that virus attacks can result data loss easily and this is one of the many drawbacks where Mac antivirus is not installed.

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The Effects of Data Loss on Business Longevity

business continuity disaster recovery strategy

Data loss can be a major stigma for inconvenience, as it disrupts business function and personal productivity.

When important files and documents are lost, your business will likely dedicate serious resource, effort and time to recreate or recover this data.

This can cause a healthy business to go under quickly with serious outcomes if not carefully managed.

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