Why Two Monitors are Better Than One When Working from Home

dual monitoor screen setup

There are many advantages for using two monitors connected to your computer.

Getting a second monitor can deliver amazing benefits and with many office workers now operating from home, the need for a proper workstation setup has become more important during these unprecedented times and beyond.


This is a new era where it is more acceptable for office-based workers to transition to remote working environment and having a dual-monitor setup is a massive step towards replicating a once familiar office atmosphere.

So, before delving into the details on this subject, why do you believe two monitors are better than one in the workplace and when working from home?

Embracing a new home office and technology equipment setup goes beyond having a fully functional workstation, it also requires home IT users to benefit from proper ergonomics, posture and visual resources that would normally be confined to office spaces found at work.

 For many users, this includes having the correct desk, chairs with arm rest and seating capabilities that support remote working activities for long hours.

 The advantages of using two monitors instead of one screen also becomes crucially important, especially if as a remote working user, you are living in a small home with limited space but still need to requires focus on specific activities yet work quickly and access information that promote progressive work experiences.

In this article, we will explore the benefits of using two monitors when working from home and how this relates to common practice of using a single screen.


Does Dual Monitors Work for Business and Home Setup? 

Users who often rely on two display monitors already appreciate the advantages of multiple computer screens and the value they bring to the table. However, anyone who are yet embark on this journey can easily become familiar with the new interactions and the benefits that follows.

So, what do you consider to be the practicalities of working remotely with two monitors in these unprecedented times?

It is estimated that it takes up to two weeks to become familiar with how best to use two monitors and how best to boost your productivity and work ethics efficiency. If you are unsure how to get started with dual screen setup for your computer, why not ask our IT support company in London for help today?


The Benefits of Dual Monitors on Windows Computers and Apple Mac Laptops

dual monitor standsThe main benefit of using two screens is increased productivity and more display screen real-estate for easy navigation through content and applications.

Working remotely is not the same as in the office and although customising your work space to be similar, the atmosphere element is still missing. At home, it’s easy to get distracted and lose motivation, so there has to be deliberate effort to focus on activities and having a real desire for productivity each day.

Research shows that people who use two displays will complete computer related activities in significantly less time than those who operate from a single screen monitor. This remains true across desktops and laptops.

The act of minimising one application of file to access content can take more than a few seconds and if your attention is diverted for more than 3 minutes, then expect this time to increase to around twelve minutes easily.

 The ability to work from dual monitors is a key element for maintaining focus. A typical use case of dual screen for most people is being able to have their emails open on one screen while working on documents or surfing the internet on the second display monitor - such a lovely feeling, don you think?

Some users claim that having a second monitor enable them to collaborate with colleagues and partner in meetings, thereby increasing their communication and creative capabilities. This essential results in getting more work done in less time.

Given the evidence presented above, it is clear that the benefits of dual monitors within a remote working or office setting is priceless. In fact, it is also being bantered about in the grapevine that having a dual display setup enhances one's ability to multitask effortlessly.

We've seen users needing to copy files between folders or different documents use the two-monitor setup to make this exercise painless. Dual screen configurations are generally more pleasant to use and mimic longstanding practices used by traders or engineering practices who use multiple displays to visualise and interact with content.


Setting up Dual Monitors on Your Windows PC and Apple Mac Computer

Setting up a second monitor on a computer isn't that difficult as our imagination may have led us to believe and having the right London IT support companies to help with your technology need can make the process seems like a breeze over.

Setting us dual screen on a laptop simply require your device to have a graphics card that can accommodate simultaneous connection from two monitors.

With PCs, adding a second display to an existing computer could mean installing a second graphics card if free slots are available, or upgrading the existing graphics card to one that support dual display.

It is common to find most dual display configurations using 22-inches monitors but not everyone has the physical space to accommodate this, so smaller screen size is perfectly acceptable too.

To get help on purchasing a secondary monitor for your computer or laptop for business or home use simply click here.


Using Your Computer, Laptop or Notebook in Dual Monitor Setup Mode

Setting up a second monitor is pretty easy and, in most cases, can be completed in less than one hour. If you require a larger display screen outfit for your computer screen setup, our Solid Rock IT experts are available to help every step of the way.


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