Acer laptop may fail to power up, crash intermittently or lose system time setting frequently sometimes, with symtoms that are linked to motherboard faults or battery failure. Why does Acer have these problems and can they be repaired?

Similarly, graphics or display screen problems may be linked to onboard system chips embedded on the Acer motherboard, again why these faults?

Most Acer laptop and notebook failures are the results of strains on the motherboard due excess bending whilst travelling or tightly packed storage space or loose solder connections that wears away over time. If you have an Acer laptop or computer problems, Solid Rock IT UK technical engineers have the expertiise and skills to help you.

 Corrupted software and Operating System on Acer laptops can happen to anyone at any time. Viruses and improper shutdowns of Acer notebook increases the chance of hardware fault happening much quicker. We can recover lost Acer data, install operating system and update drivers on your Acer laptops.

Acer Notebook Faulty / Broken Keyboard Repairs & Replacement

Most Acer keyboards problems either results from:

  • Loose keyboard keys which then snap when you try to refit it.
  • Liquid spills from water, drinks or other type of fluids that accidentally got into you Acer keyboard tracks and damage it.
  • General wear and tear; keyboard letters and number become unreadable due to frequent usage of specific keys, resulting in the need for replacing either the keyboard or damaged keys. Truth is, these problems are common issues across laptop brands ant specific to your Acer model and can be fixed quite quickly.


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Acer Keyboard connector becomes defective through no fault of yours and stops responding to keystrokes or command requests.

Solid Rock IT UK can repair or install your Acer keyboard to get your laptop or notebook up and running properly, simply get an Acer Notebook Keyboard Replacement Quote today, or call us on Call 07951 878 703.

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