Conditions and Rates for Emergency IT Support & Scheduled IT Services

As an experienced IT support company London can trust, we offer you Pay-As-You-Go IT services that deliver flexible technical expertise for companies and teams who need complementary small business IT support. This type of ad hoc IT service model can benefit organisations who do not need a regular monthly IT service contract and prefer to simply pay for the  services required.

You can get pay-as-you-go IT support for general one-off technical support issues, emergency IT support and project consultation services. Companies who already have an IT department can also leverage our PAYG services to support their in-house IT team resource capabilities.

Small business IT services rates quoted here exclude cost for parts and any software or software which may be required to complete your IT service. We can help customers source the required hardware, software licensing and related technologies, but these are charged separately and payment will be required upfront before proceeding.


Do You Need a Fixed Monthly Fee IT Support Contract?

Operating your business without proper IT Support can become expensive for your budget, especially where IT challenges are occurring frequently and there is no proper expertise in place or enough time to address them alongside your existing daily busy business schedule.  

Having a fixed budget monthly IT support plan in place can cure most of these concerns. Our IT Support contract can help you to budget for IT spending upfront and you get expert IT services with reasonable service level agreement.


Remote IT Support Services When You Work From Home

Secure remote support is ideal when you need emergency IT computer services or expert IT help to troubleshooot technical issues affecting your PC, WIFI network support, printer, Apple Mac or other devices that are already connected to the internet but something is just not right. We also offer quick remote support services which allow you to get IT help without the need to travel or an engineer visiting your premises. 

Learn more about our Remote IT Support services and online computer services available to help staff and system users who are currently working from home.


 Technology Surveys / System Diagnostics & IT Consultations

There is a chargeable fee applicable for all site surveys, hardware diagnostics, software troubleshooting and technology consultation carried out by our IT Support team.

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